In the north of Italy, against the enchanting backdrop of lake Como, Tempus Fugitives embarked on their journey to the Lake HEMA CSEN International Open – the first event on the CSEN calendar. Although medals may have eluded our grasp, the team’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. In a showdown against some of the world’s most formidable opponents, we proved that victory takes many forms. Our commitment to the art of HEMA extends beyond the competition; it’s about fostering growth, celebrating the art, and supporting the infrastructure that makes such events possible.

(Giordano Moreni of Sala d’Arme Bec de Ruc vs Emmet Mung of Tempus Fugitives)

As at any major event, we were met with the challenges that come with fierce international competition. One key aspect that deserves praise is the fairness of the judging. The organising committee displayed an unwavering commitment to uphold the principles of equity and impartiality. It was evident that the judges worked diligently to ensure every match was decided fairly, emphasizing the importance of skill and technique. This level of professionalism in the judging panel contributed to the integrity of the tournament.

(Sidesword Open Category winner Fabio Lottero of Sala della Gorgone is accidentally given the TF sponsored prizes for the women’s category. He doesn’t seem to mind though…)

Moreover, the high-quality organisation of the Lake HEMA CSEN International Open deserves special mention. From logistics to facilities, every detail was meticulously planned, creating an environment where fencers could focus on their performance. This impeccable organisation allowed us to truly appreciate the art of HEMA and the spirit of competition. It’s clear that the success of an event of this magnitude hinges on the dedication and competence of the organisers.