Emmet Mung began historical fencing under Jay Maxwell in February 2022 specialising in the single sidesword and sidesword and buckler. Previously, he trained in Olympic sabre for 2 years and was a U18 and U17 national track and field athlete specialising in the 100m (PB 10.8s) and 110m hurdles for the HKSSF (The Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China). He also trains under the renowned Pedro San Miguel in military sabre.

Emmet is an active international competitive fencer in single sidesword, sword and buckler, sabre and rapier. He is ranked 3rd in the UK and within the global top 100s on HEMA Ratings and Hemagon for sidesword and sword and buckler. He has also been ranked similarly in the annual Italian CSEN HEMA National Championship. Emmet holds numerous international and national titles from countries such as Croatia, The Netherlands, Greece, France and Italy.

Emmet began training as a Free Scholar/Assistant Instructor in June 2023 for the Woodford Chapter.