Tempus Fugitives is a HEMA club in London, focussing on the study of 15-16th century European martial systems, boasting some of Europe’s top experts.

Based out of our halls in King’s Cross and Woodford, we practice mostly sword, spear and companion weapons (such as the dagger, the smaller targa shield or larger rotella shield) and the grips, trips and grapples around such combinations. We also pay attention to the weapons carried by elite troops of the day, such as the partisan or halberd, and the methods employed in the all too common, short and brutal street fights with daggers, capes and all manner of paraphernalia.

Our training is in a martial context. Everything that you will be taught is straight from printed, or even hand-penned manuals and manuscripts of the period. Any lessons will come with a full breakdown of the historical origin of these techniques. Translations of the manuals themselves can be acquired through the club on request.

Whether your interest is in history, martial arts, the world of Shakespeare, or if you just want a more interesting way of staying in shape – we have something for you.

If you would like to join us and see what we are about, please contact us using the details below.