We are happy to display a choreographed sequence or fight at your pleasure. For money. Yup.

As highly experienced combatants with a slew of international medals and achievements, we can perform for guests in any setting and at whatever event you have in mind, using systems and combinations of weapons ranging from the 15th to 17th centuries.

Displays can be carried out in period costume, but this limits us to rehearsed sequences. Full speed combat displays have to be in modern safety equipment for obvious reasons, but we assure you our displays will bear little resemblance to the choreographed scenes with which you are familiar.

Living history events will of course benefit from accurate costume, but a display of the correct systems of swordsmanship (or battlefield weaponry) will add even more interest to the spectacle. Perhaps you are organising a dinner at a historic venue, and want a performance for a refined event. Or you run a murder mystery evening, and wish to integrate a duel into the performance.

With Tempus Fugitives, you can bring history, drama and literature to life.