In the thrilling world of HEMA, Tempus Fugitives aims to not just compete but also contribute significantly to the arts growth. In one month we are gearing up for an extraordinary endeavor as we prepare to participate at what may be Italy’s most prestigious tournament, and we are doing more than just competing – we are sponsoring the event as well.

The Lake HEMA CSEN event is known for attracting top fencers from around the globe, and is considered one of the highlights of the international fencing calendar. It’s an arena where the best of the best come to showcase their skills, and Tempus Fugitives are determined to make their mark on this grand stage.

The decision to not only compete but also sponsor the event underscores the team’s commitment to promoting the art of HEMA. By investing in the tournament, we are not just vying for medals but also supporting the infrastructure and organisation that makes such competitions possible.

Team Captain Emmet Mung expressed the squad’s excitement and readiness for the tournament. “We’ve been training rigorously for this event, and it’s an honor to represent the UK on the international fencing scene. Our sponsorship reflects our belief in the importance of fostering the sport globally”.

This dual role as competitors and sponsors sends a powerful message about our dedication to the growth of HEMA in the international fencing scene. It’s not just about personal victories; it’s about contributing to overall development on a broader scale.

As we cross swords with the world’s best, we bring a message that fencing is not just a competition; it’s a global community built on passion and dedication.