7th Belgian Buckler Quarterly

This week our instructor Jay Maxwell has returned from The Belgian Buckler Quarterly, where he taught back-to-back classes on the intricate Bolognese system of sword and small buckler and showcased various pieces of HEMA protective equipment designed by Tempus Fugitives.

Special thanks to:

Sean Wauters for inviting Tempus Fugitives to teach and for the fascinating exchange of knowledge (and blows). We look forward to seeing how your new dedicated sword & buckler club ‘Ex Cineribus Grimbergen’ brings these systems to life in future.

Davy van Elst for hosting not just the event but also Jay, introducing him to local culture, showing him around cathedrals and historic squares and generally being an all round good egg.

Therese Young for long conversations around Elizabethan England, the stage and modern interpretations of complex concepts.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to seeing everybody again soon!