The Chevalier Sidesword 1


Product Name: Chevalier 1
Period: 16th – 17th c.
Source: Inspired by originals and training swords that introduce the concept of counterguard with symmetrical ports.
Blade Typology: Wide Blade
Blade Cross Section: Diamond
Pommel: Fig
Guard: Curved with finger rings, double small port and knuckle bow
Blade Length: 92 cm (36”)
Max Blade Width: 3 cm
Guard Width: 25 cm
Grip Length: 8 cm (pommel not included)
PoB: 5 cm from the ricasso
Weight: approx. 1220 – 1240 gr.



This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

Blade can be exchanged for a 97 cm (38”) version at point of order free of charge.

Blade can be exchanged for a left handed version at point of order free of charge.

Blade can be dismounted for transport or replacement.

Please specify the colour grip you would like, choosing from: Deep Red, Navy Blue, Carbon Black, Burgundy, Emerald Green or Royal Blue. If you would prefer a leather grip, please choose from Deep Red, Navy Blue or Carbon Black.

This product has to be made to order, and can take up to six months to fulfil. Details will be provided if requested – upon receipt we ship to the customer within 48hrs.

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