ProGauntlet Protective Gloves


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ProGauntlet is a protective exoskeleton for the hand, designed to provide the best combination of impact & thrust protection and motoric freedom. Rather than improving upon existing concepts, the ProGauntlet has been engineered from scratch on the foundation of extensive research in biomechanics, medical science, impact physics, and material science. The ProGauntlet is composed of a self-supporting, plastic hardshell with a specialised padded inner glove. The design has many unique features and qualities that make a big difference for your safety and performance.

To make a complex product like the ProGauntlet, the manufacturers had to invent their own production method. In order to correctly monitor and optimise production, this will start with low volume manufacturing of the ProGauntlet in one size before picking up speed and complexity. Throughout 2020, lead times will shorten and multiple sizes will be introduced, starting with a woman’s size and a large.

Delivery of orders placed now are expected to be fulfilled at the end of Q1 2021 once production has caught up.

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Optimal impact reduction
Lightweight, smart geometry hard shell elements
combined with shock obsorbing layers

Ergonomic design
Based on biomechanics and sizing studies

Modular & renewable parts
Improving costumer fit and product lifespan

Full mobility, always protected
Overlapping scales prevent material strain and equally protect the limb in all positions

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