In the world of Historic Swordsmanship, skill is a consequence of dedication. Emmet Mung embodies both individual commitment and the effectiveness of our training program. In just 1.5 years he has proven himself a dedicated member of our club, and has already made a name for himself on the competitive stage. His recent successes include securing bronzes at events such as the Coornhert Sidesword Gathering in Gouda, the Wessex League in the UK, the Hemathlon tournament in Athens, and the Steel & Chill event in Croatia.

What sets Emmet apart is not just his initial collection of medals but the speed at which he has achieved such success. Starting out as any other novice, he is now not only a formidable competitor but also taking strides towards becoming an instructor within our school.

Emmet’s happy place…

Our program focuses on a holistic approach, blending traditional techniques with modern training methods. We emphasise individualised coaching, cross training with other clubs, and allowing each member to progress at their own pace; as well as fostering a sense of camaraderie that inspires everyone to excel. Emmet’s achievements underscore the effectiveness of our competitive training modules, which not only prepare our students for the challenges of various tournaments but also instil a sense of discipline and tactical thinking crucial in the competitive arena.

Post training recovery

As Emmet takes on the role of an assistant instructor within our club, the rise of other athletes such as Aron Kazay as the first of a burgeoning set of new competitors, make it evident that his success is not an isolated case but a reflection of the school’s ethics.