Refinement Classes

These classes rely on the principles of the foundation classes being developed to a degree that will allow more complex movements to be attempted safely. Ambidextrous training with offhand weapons are now a part of the syllabus as are polearms or other options depending on the students chosen path or paths of specialisation.

At this stage you will need to provide the minimal level of protection for drills at speed. If you are at a more advanced level, and intend to use steel, the level of protection required will also be increased.

By now sparring will be a regular part of the curriculum, with steel or synthetic blades, but is not a requirement for any student. Training with sharp blades and cutting practice begin to be introduced.

Please note that this is a grade dependent class (see our gradings tab in the drop down menu). Students are occasionally observed and scored without their knowledge based on a changing rota, and their progress is noted. At a set point the instructor will decide they are ready to be tested to join more advanced classes based on their understanding of the principles and theory of the art, and their safety with other students.

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